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City Services

Glenwood Police Department

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Glenwood Police Department is to uphold the laws of
the State of Arkansas, to prevent crime and to pursue and bring to justice
those who break the law. We must be compassionate, courteous and
patient with those who request our assistance and fulfill our duties
without fear or prejudice. We shall be professional. We serve and protect.

Contacting The Police Department

Randy Reid
Chief of Police

210 North 2nd Street
Glenwood, AR 71943



Glenwood Arkansas Fire Department

The Glenwood Fire Department is a municipal volunteer department that has no paid personnel.
 The department was established in 1935 and now has a class 4 ISO rating.

Our department is located in the northeast part of Pike County and covers parts of Montgomery County. This department provides fire protection to the citizens of Glenwood and its surrounding rural areas.

The department also provides rescue, auto extrication and first-response emergency medical services
 for a 10-mile area of Glenwood.

Our department is comprised of approximately 25 volunteers.

Please go to our website to view our Photo Gallery and to learn more about the different equipment and resources we use.

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City of Glenwood Arkansas Animal Control

"Working together towards a better home for our pets."


About Us

We may be a small town operation, but we have big intentions.
The Glenwood Animal Control is a city funded animal shelter.

We provide animal control services to the citizens of Glenwood.
We are responsible for the impounding of stray or lost animals,
enforcing local and state ordinances, and administering our animal adoption program.


Why Spay and Neuter

Approximately 56% of dogs and 71% of cats are euthanized each year.
Our goal is to reduce this number through adoptions and
a spay and neuter program.
In every community, there are homeless animals.

As a whole In the U.S. there are an estimated
6-8 million homeless
animals entering animal shelters every year.
About half of these animals are adopted and tragically the
other half are euthanized.
These are healthy, sweet pets who would have made great companions.

Millions of pet deaths each year are a needless tragedy.
By spaying and neutering
your pets, you can be an important part
of the solution.
Contact your local veterinarian today and be sure to let your friends
and family know that
they should do the same.

Please Visit Our Website to See Pictures of Animals
that need Adoption to a loving home.

Click here to visit

City Regulations

City of Glenwood Ordinance # 08-03


SECTION 1: From the effective date of this Ordinance it shall be unlawful for and owner of any feline or canine to allow said feline or canine to run at large upon the public ways or the property of another.

SECTION 2: It shall be unlawful for any persons keeping or maintaining animals upon their premises to allow animal wastes to accumulate to the point that violate State Health codes concerning sanitary conditions. It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep or harbor more than four (4) feline or canines over the age of six (6) months within the City limits without permission of the City council and pays such fees as the City Council establishes. An animal shall be considered a nuisance if it causes a disturbance by excessive barking or other noise making, if it molest, attacks, or interferes with persons in the public right-of-way; or chases vehicles or attacks domestic animals. Owning or keeping such feline or canine in the City is a violation subject to a fine unto one hundred dollars ($100.00) plus court cost. 

SECTION 3: The fee for the canine license shall be five dollars ($5.00) per canine and two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) for feline. No license will be issued to any canine or feline unless it has previously been vaccinated for rabies. Upon the payment of such fee the Animal Control Services representative or City Hall shall deliver to the person paying the same substantial metal tag numbered to correspond with the number of license issued, showing the year for which to fee has been paid. Such tag shall at all times be worn around the neck of the feline or canine upon which the fee has been paid. 

SECTION 4: All feline or canine six months of age or older kept within the City of Glenwood shall be vaccinated for Rabies not less than once each twelve month period and shall display a metal tag showing the date of such vaccination. 

SECTION 5: All felines and canines six months of age or older kept within the City of Glenwood shall also display a metal tag showing the name, address, and phone number of its owner. No feline or canine shall be permitted to be or remain in the City without being inoculated and licensed. 

SECTION 6: All attempts will be made to identify the owner of any feline or canine in violation of this ordinance. Authorized officials will be given the right of discretion to issue warning or give citations in violation of this Ordinance as the situation merits. Any person to be found guilty of violating this Ordinance shall be fined not less that twenty-five dollars ($25.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00). Each day that said feline or canine is allowed to continue to run at large shall constitute a separate offense and each canine allowed running free should constitute a separate offense. All damages attributable to said feline or canine and all cost to the city in capturing, restraining treating and /or feeding such feline or canine until claimed by its owner is the responsibility of the owner. 

SECTION 7: It shall be a defense to a charge of violation of this Ordinance that the owner has made a good faith effort to restrain said feline or canine and that said feline or canine have escaped through no fault of the owner, provided, that said owner pleading such defense shall be responsible for all damages attributable to said feline or canine is returned to its owner or destroyed in conformance with procedures as set forth by the State of Arkansas. 

SECTION 8: If any person is bitten or otherwise physically injured by any feline or canine, that person or their parent or guardian shall immediately report said incident to the Glenwood Police Department or the Street Superintendent. Said canine shall then be surrendered to the proper authorities and shall be impounded and quarantined in an impoundment facility or veterinary clinic for a period sufficient to determine whether said canine is infected with the Rabies virus. The owner of said canine shall be responsible for the cost of such confinement and such costs shall be taxed in addition to any fine or fines levied against said owner for violation of this Ordinance. 

SECTION 9: It is unlawful for any person to bring into the City any unwanted stray feline or canine and release the same within the City limits to run at large upon the public streets, sidewalks, alleys and other public or private property. Abandoning such an animal is considered cruelty to animals under Arkansas Code Annotated Section 5-62-101 and subjects the offender to a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in the County Jail and /or fines not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) plus court cost. 

SECTION 10: All ordinances or part or ordinances previously enacted by the City of Glenwood, Arkansas, not in conformity with this ordinance are hereby repealed. This ordinance being necessary for the immediate protection of the public peace and safety exists. This ordinance is hereby declared to be in full force and effect immediately upon and after its passage and approval. 

SECTION 11: Should any part of this ordinance be declared unconstitutional or invalid by a Court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect and not be affected by such partial invalidity.


Contacting The Animal Control Department

Chris Fuller
Animal Control Officer  

Phone: 870-828-8667

Address:      City of Glenwood
210 N 2nd street
                      Glenwood, AR 71943

Phone:        870-356-3613
    Fax:         870-356-3613


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Water Department

Trash Pick UP

Mondays and Tuesdays inside the City Limits.

Large Item Pickup

Twice a Year,
times will be posted ahead of time so you can prepare.

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Glenwood City Hall
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Glenwood, AR 71943
(870) 356-3613

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